Friday, March 11, 2011

And The Mommy Came Crashing Down!!!

Last night I was helping to organize the Sunday school rooms at church.  I had about 1.5 hours before I had to leave to go straight to work, so I was motoring!!  I didn't think I could get in again before Sunday, so it all had to be finished.

I had enlisted my sons help in the beginning to help move some of the bigger items to the appropriate rooms, and I was carrying some of the smaller things.  Like the gliding rocker footstool...

Which I put down on the floor, and didn't realize it had tipped over...

I had a radio in my hand

Turned quickly and promptly tripped over the stool

I cannot believe how hard I fell...I had no forewarning and my reflexes hadn't even kicked in...foggy brain I guess.

I laid on the floor for a few minutes trying to figure out what had just happened.  I guess that was kind of like a shock moment?  I had landed on my left side, left chest, left shoulder and while my head didn't actually hit the floor it was like my neck had bounced up and down...

And the radio flew across the room...we will see if that still works on Sunday:-S

After the few minutes of laying there, I proceeded to stand up...I was so dizzy that I nearly fell right over again.  I was able to grab hold on the wall and catch my balance.  So I just stood there for a few more minutes. 
Then I felt fine...sore, but fine.  Everything moved ok and really, I was just sore.

It was a really dumb fall!!

I finished the rooms, emptied all the boxes and then left and headed to work.  Then I sat down when my work was done and I started to feel it.

I was aching all down my left side.  My back hurt and even worse, my neck hurt.

I went to sleep (sleep shift, not just sleeping on the job;-) and woke up this morning to a really bad kink in my neck.  I had a hard time using my hand and I couldn't get my seatbelt on (putting my arm behind me to reach the belt)

I decided that I would face one of my fears and see a chiropractor...they are kind of scary, I thought!!

He asked me a few questions, which were kind of random - do I get a metallic taste in my mouth, do I get numbness in my face, do I get headaches, do I have dizzy spells...I could answer yes to all these random questions.  He explained that those are happening because of the stress on certain areas of my spine.  Interesting...

Then he examined me and sent me for full xrays - apparently I was quite a mess!!  LOL...

I came back and he showed me the xrays, my back is curved one way in the bottom and the other way in the I have scoliosis, which I will have to learn some more about. 

He said that it basically describes everything I have been feeling, it explains a lot of my back pain and the other quirks that I have. 

He cracked me up...haha...I HAD to say it!!  I was adjusted and while it felt weird, it didn't hurt.  I am feeling some burning right now, but I think in all I feel good. the spirit of giving thanks THROUGH everything...I have to give thanks that I fell...

Weird?  Yeah...

But, had I not fallen, I would have never gone to get checked out...because I am above all that, ya know (sarcasm in case you didn't get it;-)  I have a hard time doing things for me.  So this has really been a blessing in disguise:-)

I am now scheduled to go 3 times a week to start, and will continue to take this time for me...because my health is important:-)



  1. I know my chiro is annoying and can be brash and a down right @$$ sometimes.... BUT... I LOVE getting adjusted. It really does work and I feel so much better when I see him for a crack. Em's has scoliosis, she is sleeping so much better since going and her tonsils aren't flaring up like they used to. Our spine is more important than we realize and when just one area is off... dozens of others can be affected.

  2. Wow Ruth, who could have imagined!? I'm glad you're okay and glad you found out...
    I have a gym membership that I really have to commit to using more - I felt really good when I was taking that time for me and my health.

  3. yikes! I am so glad you went though. Hope it helps :)

  4. Ruth, I'm glad you are on the mend. I started going to a chiro many years ago when the headaches and backaches were just too intense. It was so scary the first time. I also have a mild scoliosis which helped make sense of my imbalance. Keep going! It really works.