Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bear Paw Crackers - Review

The other day I received a package in the mail!  I am starting to LOVE my delivery people, more and more!!

Our family was chosen to try out the new Bear Paws Crunchy Crackers.  They sent us a box of each flavour, original, veggie and cheddar.  I was even more surprised to see that they also sent along some colouring sheets, stickers and crayons!!

When my kids got home from school, they were so excited and asked if they could have some crackers for their snack.  So, we cracked open the Cheddar flavoured ones.  Let me tell you...I LOVE them!!  I have liked a few cheesy crackers, but I think I found a new favourite:-)  My kids also loved them and the box was gone quickly (with 5 kids and me eating them, they didn't last long!!).  Dad was sad that he missed out on trying them. 

The veggie ones were packed for lunches today.  I love that I can trust any Dare product to be nut free.  Our schools are all nut free, so we really try to stick to that, so that other kids stay safe.  With our busy life, we just don't have time to check every label.  So, seeing the peanut free sign on the front of the box and the name Dare, we don't even have to think about it!! 

From information sent in my package.

Bear Paws Crunchy Crackers Fact Sheet

Launched in Canada last summer, Bear Paws kids' crackers are nut-free/peanut-free, Canadian-made kids' crackers by Dare Foods Limited.  They are the perfect bite-sized snack for kids to have in theri lunchboxes, at home, or on-the-go.  Finally - a kid's cracker that is Peanut-Free.

  • The easily recognizable peanut-free  icon on their packaging indicates that they are made in a nut-free/peanut-free facility and have undergone finished goods testing.
  • Available in three wholesom flavours - Cheddar Cheese, Vegetable and Original
  • Along with being peanut-free, each flavour has the following features:
                            *No artificial flavours
                            *Low in saturated fat
                            *No trans fat
                            *Source of thiamine (Vitamin B1)
                            *Source of niacin (Vitamin B3)
                            *Good source of folate
  • All three varieties are sold at grocery and mass merchandise stores across Canada with a suggested retail price of $2.49.

At Dare, we understand parent' concern about foods that can cause adverse allergic reactions in their kids and other children.  We empathize with the challenge of finding wholesome snacks that satisfy the pickiest of eaters and that are safe to bring to school.

Since kids' crackers are a nutritious snack option, we developed great-tasting Bear Paws kids' crackers, which are made in a peanut-free facility and hence are saft to include in kids' lunchboxes.  To make these products easy to identify when shopping, we placed a peanut-free icon on the packaging.
What Does the Peanut-Free Icon Mean?

All Dare products are made in nut-free/peanut-free facilities.  In fact, Dare became one of Canada's first peanut-free food manufacturers back in 2004.

Dare works with ingredient and packaging suppliers, auditing and testing to ensure that all components of its products are peanut/nut-free.  The company has implemented regular training and education for its employees, and follows strict rules on what can be brought to its plants.  Dare regularly tests the effectiveness of its facility and equipment cleaning and sanitation procedures to ensure no contamination is present.  These practices apply to all facilities, so every Dare product carries the statement "Made in a nut-free/peanut-free facility."

For products that are likely to be purchased for children, or consumed in environments such as schools and daycare centres, Dare takes the extra step of conducting finished goods testing for additional verification.  These products carry an easily-recognizable peanut-free icon on the front panel.

  • Dare is a Canadian family-owned and operated company with a 119-year history of providing Canadians with the quality products they love, including cookies, candies, fruit snacks, crackers and fine breads.
  • Dare has been a proud supporter of Anaphylaxis Canada for many years.  We support this national non-profit organization through sponsorship and by reinforcing its educational efforts about the importance of allergy awareness and peanut-free products.
  • The Dare family, still very much involved in the business, has instilled its heritage of quality, which made the company such a great Canadian success story.  That care and concern for quality continues today.

I am really excited to have been given the opportunity to sample these crackers.  The price is right, the flavour is right, it is a trusted name and that family LOVES them!! 

Hope was so excited to be able to have crayons and
pages to colour and she promptly started colouring away:-)

Disclosure Statement:  I received product samples on behalf of Dare Foods Limited.  The thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are my own and my families. 


  1. I love that all of their stuff is peanut free too! Especially because most schools ~ even preschool ~ have such a strict policy about snacks being peanut free.
    My kids love the Bear Paw soft cookies :)