Monday, March 07, 2011

Which of these is healthier?

This was my first Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothie
This has been my all time fave drink from Tims
Medium Iced Capp with Chocolate Milk                    Medium Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothie with Yogurt

Calories                     230                                                                       220
fat                                  1                                                                        1.5
saturated fat                  .5                                                                           1
cholesterol                     5                                                                           5
sodium                        90                                                                         80
carbohydrate               53                                                                         51
sugar                           52                                                                         46
protein                          4                                                                           3
vitamin a                       4
vitamin c                                                                                                     6
calcium                       10                                                                            8
iron                              2

And the verdict is.....

They are about the same....just because it has fruit in it doesn't really make it any better for me:-(

I am kinda sad, but oh well...

I did really enjoy it, and now when I want something cold, I have more options:-) 

That does make this non-coffee drinker happy...

What is your favourite treat to drink?


  1. I had a feeling it wouldn't really be different.. best option is to save your money and make your own at home!

  2. We tried our first fruit smoothies today too! They were delish!!!

    However, I was told from a reliable source that the Fruit Smoothies have 1 full serving of fruit in them which a Capp definitely doesn't have! It's funny how that isn't reflected when comparing the nutritional value of them isn't it?!? I'm surprised.