Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Works For Us Wednesday

This is Faith's new bed...yes, it is an easy chair, but it works!!
When Faith was born she slept.  She was so medically fragile and drugged that she rarely ever woke up.

We came home and Faith slept.  She was one of the only kids who would lay down in her crib, awake and fall asleep on her own.  She had the feeding tube then...

7 Months old she pulls out the tube and we have this "non-fragile" child.  We get to cuddle her in bed with us:-)  We were so scared to do that before, scared of the tube coming out.

We snuggled and loved on her so much.  She was ours and she was no longer fragile.  She had come so far and we wanted to enjoy it.  So, she started sleeping with us.

Fast forward - Faith is 3 years and 5 months old.  Faith will not, never, ever, ever...sleep on her own in her own bed. 

We have been sleeping on the couch, because it is the only place she would sleep.  We have taken turns sleeping upstairs. 

We have slept in her bed with her, to keep her there.  We have sat outside her door and cried while she screamed in her room to come out.

We have struggled and we have been exhausted...

A few days ago we had a flood in our basement.  The extra chair from our living room set was brought up to the back hall so it wouldn't get ruined.

Pete thought it would be funny to see if Faith would sleep in the chair in her room...cause it is the same as the living room...I humored his idea...

Tonight, Faith is fast asleep.  On her chair.  In her bedroom.  Yup, Pete was right!!  You probably won't hear me say that again though...

We will be moving her nice toddler bed out of her room tomorrow...

Faith has a new bed!!


  1. Whatever works, right!? Love it! I'm glad you were willing to give it a try, and I pray that it keeps working for you (and Faith).