Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Bits and Bleeps - Guest Post!

The following is a guest post from Jeannine who blogs at My Bits and Bleeps.  You can also fine her on twitter at @MyBitsandBleeps Enjoy this post, leave some comment love and then head over and visit her at her blog!!  She has some great reviews and giveaways going on over there.  THANKS JEANNINE!!!

When Mom's Musings put out a call for help on Twitter, I couldn’t resist but offer my help.

Hello, my name is Jeannine and I have my own blog called My Bits and Bleeps.  I started my blog in August 2010 and have been having a lot of fun meeting new friends through Social Media. I’ve never been a guest post, which is why I offered to do this. Experience is priceless.

Social Media can quickly provide substantial results for many companies, and Mom Blogs (in my opinion) must provide the greatest influence! It’s the women’s activities that play into their purchasing habits. So using social media to market business is a great idea! Social media is HUGE in the United States; however, Canada is beginning to see how beneficial it can be. Think about it: who does the majority of shopping in your home? For most of you, you would have said ‘the head female of the household’. When “MOMS” aren’t doing the majority of the shopping, they are greatly influencing: their partners, their children, their families, their friends, their neighbours, and even complete strangers! It makes sense for businesses to get involved in social media, and even to get involved with “Mom Blogs”. The competition out there is brutal, so why wouldn’t companies take advantage of social media?

While social media is an economical option for many businesses, it isn’t completely free. Personally, I have a non-income generating blog and do not make any money out of my posts, reviews, or giveaways. However, one day I hope to change that … I know I won’t become a millionaire running my blog! In the meanwhile, I do receive some free products in exchange for my reviews. My reviews, posts, and tweets increase traffic to my sponsor’s brand/site. Moms can, very quickly, create a VIRAL BUZZ (positive/negative), so any potential sponsors that may be reading this: jump into the Social Media Buzz!!

For me, social media is exciting. I think it’s amazing how in mere nano-seconds one small comment can create a massive uproar across the various social media vehicles! Dangerous for some companies, I’m sure. I appreciate reading other people’s opinions, and comparing them to mine. On some occasions, it has saved me from purchasing the wrong product. Of course, many of Mom’s Musings readers must already know all this! For those of you that don’t, consider this a “learning experience”.

I feel honoured that Mom’s Musings has asked me to be a guest host. I hope that you have all enjoyed reading! Feel free to visit my blog (if you so wish), perhaps even enter a giveaway or two.


  1. YAY! I love guest posts! :)

    There's an old saying that still holds true in this modern age...

    "The hand that rocks the cradle... rules the world!"

  2. Again, thank you for having me as a guest post.