Monday, May 16, 2011

Featuring: Robert Pierre (Review)

What were you doing when you graduated high school?

So far, Robert has played at a NASCAR event!

He was also a part of WinterJam 2010

All before he graduated high school!!

Robert Pierre is graduating high school in just 5 days!!   

This song has quickly become one of my favourites.  It has a message, as do all his songs.

Keri, my 13 year old, said that she really liked the song, and you can't help but tap along. 
Other comments heard around the house were "It is like Michael W. Smith and Newsboys together"

It is always nice to see young, Christian artists, who are so on fire for God! And it just doesn't matter, like the song says, what others think. They know their Identity!!

You can find and preview 4 of Robert's singles on NoiseTrade, you can download for FREE too! :)

 Feel free to join Robert's FACEBOOK page and feel free to post your thoughts on Robert's facebook page
He will see the messages because he manages his own facebook page :)

 One of Robert's favorite activities is BASKETBALL!
You can check out Robert & some friends doing some water basketball trick shots:
It is pretty wild!!

 Robert's FULL LENGTH CD "I'm All In" is scheduled to release this summer (Summer 2011)

If you keep your eyes opened here, there just may be a giveaway when his album is released...Just maybe;-)


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