Thursday, June 09, 2011

Third Times a Charm...Hopefully

Today was the third time for Faith to have tubes inserted in her ears. 

We are hoping they last longer then 6 months this time.

You know you have been in the surgery department 1 time too many when the nurse looks at you and says "you have grown a bit since the last time we saw you".

Yup, they remembered Faith...she is unforgettable, but still...

Entertaining all the patients and their families in the waiting rooms...
 Faith made the 5 hour day fly by.  Every time someone new came into the waiting area, she made the rounds.

I wish that I could video tape her doing these things...which happen to be some of the things that we are teaching her NOT to do...but how do you stop someone from being so friendly?

Faith would very shyly walk up to the person and sit in the chair next to them.  Then she would get up and stand in front of them.  Then she would climb in their lap and then proceed to play with their hair:-)

And I would awkwardly step in and apologize for her actions...but the moms in these waiting rooms are so understanding and receptive...and gracious.
Obsessive sorting behaviours come in handy during a long wait:-)
 The other thing that kept Faith busy was sorting.  This is a behaviour that some people just don't understand...but I have learned that she needs to do it and I am ok with it (it gives me some quiet time!!)

Faith will completely focus on moving papers or books, or whatever really, from one spot to another and then back again.  I believe this is one of the autistic tendencies that she has...

That we have made work for us!!  In between playing with other peoples hair...she sorted books in one waiting room and papers in the other one.  It keeps her quiet and focussed and NOT running through the halls...

I need to always have a bag of papers with us to keep her busy now, I think!!
Popsicle #1, she did much better in recovery this time round...
She was brought into the operating room and I moved to the next waiting room.  After about 10 minutes, the doc came out and said it was all good and they would be in to get me soon.

I could hear her crying...all the way from recovery to the waiting room.  I knew it was her.  It kinda made me sad that I couldn't be in there with her, but I understand there are certain rules they have to follow.

She was in the same little corner that she was in the last time.  She tried to climb out of my arms to walk around...crazy!!

The apple juice and crackers helped out a lot and this time she only cried for about 5 minutes and then started chillaxin' again...

She had one of the new white grape popsicles and loved it:-) 

She would not let them check or oxygen or blood pressure and she wanted that bracelet off right away...definitely some sensory issues there!!

She would not sit still, and we got out really quick afterwards cause she was wild!!
I got to lay in the bed with her and get rolled into the next recovery room...

She was so eager to get out of the hospital that in this room she let them get all the numbers she needed (with the exception of the blood pressure)...

She got to have one more popsicle and then we headed out for McD's for our lunch treat.

Faith has been through so much, we are hoping these tubes stay in for at least a year and that she won't need them replaced...


  1. Glad she is home and doing well. Here's hoping she sleeps well tonight!