Monday, August 15, 2011

The best looking-glass is the eyes of a friend*

*Title is an Irish Proverb

I have not been here blogging as much as I would like to.  I am finding the balance between how much is too much to share and me being able to work through things in my life without writing.

I am a writer, I have journaled all my life, I have written poetry, attempted songs, started 2 books...I am a writer.

It has been so hard for me NOT to spill the issues in my life right now, so that I can work it all out.  I love to talk about what is going on, I love getting other peoples perspectives, I love having a sounding board that is neutral...which is what I consider this blog sometimes. 

The latest time in my life is not a time for me to be public, and yet I want so badly to talk about the subject, because it would help me to sift through how I am feeling. is my attempt to get something out...but keeping it private still...

Marriage is hard.  Add to it all the new stresses in our lives, me starting work in the last year, Faith's needs are heightening, I feel like my rope just keeps getting shorter and know, that probverbial rope that I have talked about before.

We have been through a lot and we have worked through a lot.  We have had our fair share of ups and downs.  We have beaten stats out there that say after the death of a child most seperate, having a special needs child - we should be seperated...we beat these odds.  16 years!! 

But that doesn't mean that this is easy.  It is a lot of work, and I don't know that people actually get that.  They may say it, it can be really cliche, but in reality it is hard work.  I think this is why divorce is so rampant.  People just don't realize the reality of that statement. WORK!!

Anyhow, through this all, I am so fortunate to have a few close friends that I can be honest and open with.  I have more then most people, just with the 1 in particular. 

My "BFF" is the title quote to me:  My looking glass...she is honest.  She says it as it is.  In turn, I say it as it is to her too.  We may get upset with an answer from the other, but it is usually the best way to get the brutally honest truth out so we can fully evaluate any situation in our lives.

I know how fortunate I am to have found this kind of friendship.  Not everyone has what we have. 

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Eleanor Roosevelt

Cheryl, thanks for being a footprint:-) 


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