Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Not So Wordless Wednesday - Getting Healthy

This was me last night.  I have had a bit of a cold and it has gone into my chest.  I went up to the hospital to have a chest xray, so we could rule out pneumonia, and while I was there, I was reminded about my health issues from this past December.

When I went in my blood pressure was high in triage.  It was around 131/94.  I have been higher then that, but I know that bottom number doesn't normally get over 90.  I had no fever, my heart rate was a bit fast and my oxygen was normal.

I waited for a bit in the general area, for my name to be called.  They instead, after about an hour and a half, pulled me into the minor treatment area.  This is the area that is set aside for breaks and stitches, and we know that area quite well (oh and swallowed pennies;-)

The nurse said I would get through there quicker.  So, a little confused, off I went. 

I was so thankful for my bff Cheryl to have come with me.  We played Lingo for most of the wait, on her new phone!  It really killed the wait time and made it kinda fun;-)

The nurse came in the room right away and started checking me over.  She asked me questions like I have never been asked before.  What is the pain in my chest like, and I feeling any stroke symptoms, do I have a headache, if I had been referred to a secondary stroke clinic, if I was taking my aspirin (which I can't for the life of me remember...)

Then another nurse popped in and said that she was getting the EKG machine for room 7.  I had no idea what room I was, but soon found out I was 7.

I had to have an EKG because my heart rate was very fast and there was no fever to explain that.  My blood pressure was again slightly elevated.  (not too much, but similar to the first number).

She said that, because of the mini-stroke in December, they need to make sure that everything is ok.  I said that I had just come in for a chest xray because of the cough.  She said they needed to be sure and rule other things out.

It opened my eyes, yet again.  This is my life now.  Because of what has happened in the last month, I am more prone to a secondary stroke now. 

The doctor came in and basically said that since I wasn't at high risk for certain things, the bronchitis (which is what I have) will run it's course.  He said take some time off work, rest and if it gets worse they will prescribe a medication for me.

I am glad it was nothing serious.

I have entered this contest on Facebook, to win a year of a gym membership, a year of a dieticians services and and iPad2 filled with health apps and programs. 

So far, I am doing great for votes (currently in first place) and am so thankful to everyone who has taken the time to vote and share.  The contest ends at the end of March, I believe and I would love to stay on top.

If you are Canadian (I know most of my readers are) and over 19, would you take the time to go and give me a quick vote?  It can be done daily and you have an opportunity to win a prize as well!!

Thank you so much for your support as I try to make some needed changes in my life.  The accountability will be wonderful and learning what I need to cut out of my diet to prevent another mini stroke, or even a full stroke, would make such a difference in my life!! 

This is the whole picture that was cropped wrong in my entry...


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