Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Things We Take For Granted!!

Since Faith came into our lives, we have realized that we (people in general) take a lot of little things for granted.  Faith had to learn to eat, had to learn to suck, how to learn a lot.  To eat, your brain needs to coordinate breathing, swallowing, chewing, sucking, tongue position, etc...but we don't think about all that.  We just put the food or drinks in our mouth and eat...It is not that easy.  It is such an intricate process when you know what really needs to be done. 

We are learning that there is just as much involved with communication.  How many of us got excited when our little ones said their first word.  Usually mama or dada.  And that was experienced, usually as an infant still.

Faith has always been delayed in most areas, so those milestones are way behind for her.  She does communicate, she gestures, she screams, she yells and she gets frustrated because we don't always understand her.

Today was an eye opening day for me.  I met with her speech pathologist at school to learn about a device that she was recommending for Faith to use at school and at home. 

I was shocked and utterly amazed at the fact that I could understand her and could hear what she was thinking!!  It was amazing to see how she could let me know what she needed or wanted...

I understood my child!!  She is 4.  It has been many years of frustrations, on both our parts.  It has been 4 years of her just smiling and clamming up, because she knows that she can't get her point across.  That all vanished today!!

We looked at an Augmentative Communication Device called the Go Talk 9.  We played some games with it and Faith could repeat the words, and used the other buttons, like the "help me" and the "your turn/my turn" buttons appropriately.

I feel this amazing rush of excitement knowing that we can understand her now!  I don't think anyone can fully understand this feeling, unless they have struggled with the same thing with their child.  I am on cloud 9!!

So, we are ordering 2 of these devices, 1 for her at school, it will always be there, for her teacher to use with her.  And 1 for us to use at home.  Plus we need to have the Boardmaker software to use this machine too.

What is even better is that we can have this cost (app. $1000 for 2 setups) covered by government programs!!  We filled out the application today, just have to wait to finish the signatures and dr. referrals, then we will send it in. 

I haven't been able to stop smiling at the fact that my child will be able to communicate effectively one day:-)  Another milestone for us to celebrate!! 

Have you ever taken milestones for granted?  Have you been excited about a milestone you never thought your child would reach?  Feel free to share in the comments...we gotta stick together somehow!!


  1. I'm so excited for you too!!!! it's amazing the freedoms we take for granted on so many levels. YAY FAITH!!!! :)