Saturday, October 19, 2013

1 Email = 1 Vaccine with UNICEF

Do you remember when we were younger, on Halloween, the school would hand out that orange box to collect money for UNICEF?  

We used to trick or treat in our area, and collect as much candy and change as we could.  Then, one of my dads co-workers named Mary, used to tell him to make sure he brought his kids over to see her on Halloween, so we would all pile in the car and we would head over to Willowdale.  

When we got there, she would always make us do a trick before we got our treats, then she would bring out a jar of pennies and we could grab out as many as we could hold in our hand, for UNICEF and then we would be able to grab a handful of candies for ourselves.  

UNICEF has come so far, and now in this day and age of digital media, the boxes are no longer something that I see.  

Right now UNICEF has a campaign going on called 1 Email = 1 Vaccine.  It is pretty self explanatory:
From October 11 to October 31, everyone who provides their email and phone number to UNICEF Canada through will provide 1 life-saving tetanus vaccine to a child, thanks to the generosity of our partners. Every email counts.
I learned a lot more about UNICEF while attending Blissdom Canada this year.  I know that they have been around for a long time, and I know that they help out in countries where there is such great poverty, but I learned some new things this year.

I learned that UNICEF is the worlds largest producer and distributor of vaccines.  I had no idea that they were THAT big!!  The WORLDS largest...It only costs 7 cents to purchase a vaccine to save a child. 
For $25, you can purchase 355 tetanus vaccines. Kiwanis International will also match your donation, doubling your impact.
Our goal is to eliminate the disease by 2015 by protecting every child – even if that means going to the most remote communities. When it comes to saving children’s lives, no child is too far. - UNICEF
I added my email and phone number to their list, I have provided 1 life saving vaccine, 
Will you?


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