Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014 - The Year of Transformation!!

2013 was a long year for me, and for the family in general.  Lots of changes happened, hard decisions made, mountains climbed and valleys walked through (though it felt more like all mountains) and continued change for myself.  I haven't gone into great detail on my blog, because it just doesn't feel right to air a lot of that "stuff", but trust me, it has been one long year of learning...

This year, 2014, I have no resolutions...

I have a word:

I am looking forward to watching my finances transform.  I am already on the path and can see the changes starting.  Budgeting, being creative when I need an expensive item (I bought a car on payments, with no interest, from my amazing mechanic!!), landing some kind of permanent contract at work and being able to support my family myself, not having to rely on anyone else.

I can't wait to see the transformation in my home. Selling our house and renting or buying a new place for us. A fresh start and being out of limbo finally.

My own, personal transformation.  The chance to see myself as an individual, a successful person in every area of my life. To not have to be "attached" to anyone, because I am just fine on my own!  To change my expectations of people so I am not "let down".

Relationships are going to be transformed.  I want to be able to build new relationships with people who share the idea of mutual respect.  To find relationships with people who I can have real conversations with, and who "get me".  Relationships outside of my current circle of friends...time to expand that line!!  To continue working through the relationships with my kids, to show them that I respect them and to keep the lines of communication open...and we are already on that road now!

I want to be able to bless others.  Like I want to be able to "BLESS THE SOCKS OFF" people.  I want people to wonder why and how I am able to do these things.  I want to transform my life so much, that people may wonder, but it will be evident that God is the one in control and is the one who is able to bless me so I can bless others.  I want to grow and transform in my relationship with God.

My health is a bit harder to tackle...

I really do have a desire to become healthier, to lose weight, to break bad habits...this is my year.  This is the time that I am going to be able to look things in the eyes and say NO, I am stopping this now!!  And I WILL be able to follow through and finish what I start. (I will need lots of encouragement and, you know that bad word?  Accountability...I will get there!)

So, while I don't see these things as resolutions, per se, I do see them as goals that will be achieved naturally as I start the year off with the right spirit.

This is my year of FREEDOM!!  As Shasher said to me:

  "2014 - a year of recovery and open doors baby!"


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