Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hi, My Name is Ruth and I Think I May be #Noseblind

Have you ever walked into someones house and noticed a smell?  How about a car?

I have to admit that I don't always notice smells lingering in my house or car...I feel like my places always smelled like roses!!

Good thing I have a best friend who is not afraid to let me know that something may be amiss in my house or car.

Now that I have had my "scent-ervention" I always make sure that my place is smelling its finest.  Moving into a new home with me and my 5 kids, I vowed to never have this problem again!  I am excited to have people pop over, announced or not, and I want it to be welcoming all the time!

I was excited when I received my monthly P&G package in the mail and it was full of Febreze products.  This was perfect timing as we have just moved into our own place and I was eager to make it look, feel and smell like a welcoming place where people can just pop in to say hi and hang out.

Febreze surveyed Canadians and the results are surprising:

  • 93% of Canadians would like to know if their homes smelled bad.  Wouldn’t you?!
  • But we’re just too nice: only 63% of us would tell someone if their home smells
  • 48% of Canadians believe that a smelly home is the sign of a dirty, lazy homeowner. Ouch!!
  • So, what are the worst home smells?  Garbage, pet odours and smoking smells
  • Back on the dating scene or have a teen who’s trying to impress? For 61% of Canadians, the smell of their date’s home is a deal breaker, and 28% would make a quick exit if their date’s home smelled.
  • Excuses, excuses: 36% of Canadians have either avoided visiting friends with smelly abodes or make it a quick stop.
  • Doorbell or warning bell? 37% of Canadians panic when unexpected guests drop by. Is your home always ready for guests?
  • 45% of us dread visiting homes with pets because of the smell. Don’t let Fido take the blame, take action!
  • Pull over, driver! 58% of people have wanted to get out of someone’s car because of its smell

I have a flash giveaway that will end Sunday at Midnight for a #noseblind kit.

It includes:
Febreze Noseblind Kit (valued at $50*)
Because this is a flash giveaway, you will have 3 ways to enter. 

Entry #1 Leave a comment here telling me about a time you realized you may be #noseblind
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  1. In my house I think I'm always nose blind. We have 5 cats (one who has a pee pee problem), 1 dog (who goes to the farm all the time), 2 kids...I never can smell what my company smells...I cant get rid of any of them so I stopped having company...We are always trying to find the perfect odor reducer

  2. Bought a new car and the new car smell makes me ill so looking for something to mask that smell. Why does no one else notice or they just say they "love it" When I had two cats I also thought I kept everything clean and then a good friend walked in and immediately started to sneeze and his eyes and nose went red and started to run. I had even put the cats in the basement in case of this problem. Won't do that again. Next time we had him over it was in the summer so all the windows were open.

  3. From your Aunt Jan

  4. I need febreze because I smell everything

  5. Having 2 dogs I hadn't noticed how much our front room smelled of dogs. Had to open windows, spray the couches and curtains with febreze and steam with a febreze infused carpet cleaning solution and vola it worked :)
    Colleen B

    1. Colleen your number was chosen!! Lucky number #4! I will message you:)

  6. One time after I filled my car with gas I went into a store. I started smelling gasoline and wondered where the smell was coming from. I discovered the smell was coming from the bottom of my shoes! I must of stepping in gasoline while filling up my car.


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  10. Sometimes I wish that I was noseblind, as my youngest daughter apparently has become, as then I wouldn't have to 'enjoy' the aroma escaping from the bunny in her bedroom! Kelly Hutchings

  11. I've never had someone tell me they smelled something in my home that I didn't, but I always worry that the shoes n our front hall will stink more than I know. I try to keep the area clean as it's the first place people come through when they enter our house, but shoes are shoes and sometimes they just stink!

    ayoung3360 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  12. Tweeted about the giveaway -

  13. entry3 - I shared the giveaway on pinterest -

    Thanks for the chance!! :)

  14. #1 I'm noseblind with my own home because of my 3 large dogs and my hubby smokes, I find my home smells just fine, tell my daughter comes over and says my home smells like wet dog, ewww that's not good

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  17. I have 3 cats and a puppy. The litterbox is in the garage. I do not notice the smell when I go in the garage but our relatives and kids friends do.