Thursday, January 26, 2006

...and the blessings are falling!!

Wow, so my last post was a bit of a downer... But something we are really trying to work on this year is having the faith to believe that God is in control. It is so hard for our flesh to do that and our minds.

A friend called tonight and asked us if we needed a new fridge. Pretty cool, he also had a truck so dh grabbed his friend and bil to help move this fridge in tonight. Pretty awesome if I say so myself.

I am really feeling that God has something new for us all this year. It is like a new beginning for real. So many horrible things have happened since the beginnig of the year and it really felt like it would never end. I just see so much more coming up for us this year. We just have to be willing to open ourselves to accept them!!

So my last thought for the night is to give it all to God, but for real this time!! It is amazing when you sit back and leave God in total control, what can happen. Something I need to remember is how big God is. He says that the earth is His footstool, those are pretty big feet!! If God is really that big then obviously He has something BIG in store for those who will let Him!!

Good Night


  1. read Isaiah 40 to help you get a bigger picture of God...

  2. I am posting that scripture and another one on the blog!!