Thursday, January 26, 2006

Murphy's Law...Right!!!

It says anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

This is my week!! So far, everyone of us has been sick, right down to the baby. I was out for that whole day working in the election, so my hubby handled it all. (Yay!!)

Then, as we were checking the bank, dh said that we weren't as bad off as we thought we were (yay again!!)

Not 4 hours later, we realized that our fridge/freezer, in the kitchen is done. The freezer is dripping into the fridge. If we don't open the fridge too much it still stays cold for now!!

The dishwasher, which has never really worked anyways. but was there to stay connected to the pipes, started backing up with water. So....we thought we should drain it, turn on the machine to the drain/rinse cycle and the whole house wreaks of rotten eggs!!

So we are left with a dilemma. Do we get a new dishwasher or do we redo the entire kitchen cupboards? I know what I would love to do but... we were doing better then we thought in the bank, right!!

Oh well, such is life. We will decide whether we buy a new kitchen set and wait to pay it till income tax or get something used or free that will hold us off until we have the money.
Decisions, decisions...

On a happier note, we walked to pick the girls up from preschool today. It was a bit chilly but was really nice to have some fresh air instead of being in the stuffy house all the time!! the sun was out and we made it home in about 45 minutes thanks to dd4, whose legs hurt all the way!! So instead of listening to the complaining I started a snowball fight. I threw dd7 into the snow and she threw some at me, dd4 got into it as well and we had fun on the way instead.

Dh got to drive a bus yesterday. he said he was so nervous, but the instructor told him he was a "natural" So things seem to be going good there. He also seems really happy now that he is driving.

But, we gotta start cleaning up the house, again, does it ever stop??? So I am gonna run and will be back later.


  1. "I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains? No, my strength comes from God, who made heaven, and earth, and mountains."

  2. Thanks, I needed that reminder!!