Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Night

So my day is ending... The geography challenge was awesome. Dd7 was amazing, she knew the answers and won a prize bag. She also answered a bonus question, which was to say the names of the provinces and territories in 10 seconds. Guess what? She did it!! She was so proud of herself and so was I. She won a football with the Canadian flag on it!! No feeling bad and no pouting!! It was so nice.

We finally found her bathing suit as well. We had the Great Bathing Suit Search at our house today. It took 5 of us to finally find it and of course we have all looked during the day and can't see it for the life of us. Dh walks in the door, goes straight downstairs and brings it up.....

So they went off to their lessons and came home and then left again to go out for a special night with their dad. Leaving me home in the quiet, to prepare for tonight.

You see, I was asked to speak tonight at our ladies meeting (Women With Faith - WWF!!). So, I went to the wonderfully confusing 2 am post from last night/early this morning, and I did it. I wrote down what I had there and it actually made total sense to me today. Who'd'a known??? So, I am working on overcoming my fear of speaking in front of people and being at the centre of things and I think I did ok tonight. I stopped being nervous by the end of what I was saying and I think I made sense!

I did decide that it was my year to get out of my comfort zone. That is also something good about selling the Usborne Books at home too. I have to meet and interact with people too. I am learning some new social skills that I think I am going to enjoy.

I also want to start keeping track of my weight loss here. I had joined Curves back in June and so far I have lost 18 pounds. It is really exciting to be at this point in my life. I have started to Curves 6 week program and am really excited about that too. I didn't get to start this week because of being so sick. ( but I was so sick that I am almost certain to have lost some weight anyways!!...iykwim!!)

So I am going to post some pictures, soon, when I have some extra time. I will (cringe) also post (cringe) my starting weight which is at 209 2 weeks ago at Curves weigh-in.

So starts another journey for me!!



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