Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This Week

So on Friday last week I opened the mail and realized that our mortgage was due for renewal on Feb 1!!! Oh my gosh, time sure flew. So we wnet into the bank yesterday and talked about our options. I am happy with what we signed, it will help us pay our principal off quicker and we were able to get cashback!!

So, first we are paying off our bills and getting caught up there. Which is less then half of what we are getting. Guess what??? I get to redo the kitchen counter!

While looking around at where we are going to go, I found a really cool website http://www.sico.com/En/Decorateur/Index.asp you can pick from some colour swatches and see how they look together. I know what I like and hopefully we will have some money left to do some painting too. For the kitchen we like the colours sunflower yellow. Our cupboards are like the dried dates. For the living room I like the dark tobacco and smoke trail for the living room. The dark tobacco would be for the moulding and baseboards, the smoke trail for the walls. I am excited to start doing things around here.

It is really exciting for us to do something in the house. It will make such a difference to the kitchen. We are still trying to do cheap but nice looking.

Today we are trying to get our laundry caught up, does it ever really happen? In a family of 6, not very often!! I have named our laundry room Mount Neverest!! I heard that term somewhere and thought it was appropriate there!!,

Anyhow, I am gonna run, we are working hard on getting schoolwork done before lunch, so we can enjoy some fun stuff in the afternoon.

Be back later... and let me know what you think of the colours I picked!!


  1. Hey Ruth,
    Glad to hear about your kitchen
    redecorating plans... that's really great.
    I got dizzy though trying to find your colours. I found one before I gave up. I'll wait to see it all in person.

  2. There are a lot of colours to go through!! I kinda got dizzy too!!

    Hopefully it will get done soon!!

  3. I LOVE DECORATING!! Invite me over to help with the fun.


  4. LOL, Arlene said the same thing!!