Friday, February 03, 2006

Butter and Lemons

Interesting title, I know. There is a story to follow this. We woke up this morning and asked dd4 what she wanted for breakfast. That is what she asked for!! She wanted a lemon and a piece of bread with a WHACK load of butter!! Anyhow, she had an apple and a pice of bread with a little bit of butter!!

We were up all night last night with dd9mos. She cut another tooth, and we all knew about it. Now her tooth count is up to 7. I hope she cuts them quicker and is done with it all soon. This morning I just gave her a whole apple and let hew gnaw away at it. She actually ate the whole thing without choking!! I am sure it felt good too on her teeth.

We are off to Homeschool group today and then to swimming, and then to drop dd7 at a sleepover party. I won't be home again until tonight. Dh will be driving his first route tonight and then his other driving job, so I won't see him until after 1am.

It is going to be a l...o...n...g... day today

Gonna run and get the kids ready to go.


  1. Butter and Lemons sounds good if you're talking about breaded fish and steamed vegetables with butter and a squeeze of lemon....
    maybe she was tired and meant to ask for that???


  2. kids eat the weirdest things! or is it wierdest???? not a great speller!