Friday, February 03, 2006


So, we had a pretty good day today. There was some good news, dh is going to be taking his test tomorrow for his "B" license. It means he will have his first run tomorrow after school. He is very excited, and I am excited that he is working again (and bringing home a check!!)

The kids enjoyed going shopping tonight. They still had money from Christmas left. We have not had the opportunity to go shopping in a while. Dd7 bought something for her and even a gift for her friend. It is how she chose to spend her money and was quite excited about it!! Ds10 bought a set of street hockey goalie pads. He is just waiting for one more piece and we said that we would buy that one for him. He starts his ball hockey on Saturday at a church in the area. It is all he has been talking about! Dd4 was so cute, she had her mind set on one of those little magnet fishing games, we couldn't say no when it was only .97. It is nice when they are at that stage still!! Things are cheap and they love them!!

I don't know if we will be getting our new counter:-( We have looked at our money and with only the one check this month we have decided that we are better off waiting until income tax time. We are going to buy some paint though and do something. I guess the positive is that I will have more time to look around at what we want for the counter, plus there may be a good deal out there later on!!

I am gonna hit the hay now, be back in the morning.


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