Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Counter Update #3

Ok, on with the counter tales...

So, it really works...taping first and then doing the caulking. It turned out really nice. I will have to go over it a bit tomorrow and get the parts that are on the tile (not many, woohoo!!!).

In order to do the caulking around the sink, we needed to take the faucet off. That was just crazy, I don't know if i had mentioned that we live in an old house. We have been here for about 7 years and have not done much. When dh went to go under the sink, he was amid dirt and dust and who knws what else (we have had some mice there before...), apparently the people who put the sink and faucet in before thought that it would be good to only screw one side of the faucet down and hold the sink up with an extra piece of wood...

It took quite some time to get that tap off. I thought that since we had a nice, new, shiny countertop that I would shine up the faucet and save ourselves the money of buying a new one. So off I went with the steel wool and the paint scraper. It looked almost brand new.

Now it was time to put the faucet back in. Dh went back under the counter and reassembled it. Downstairs he went to turn the water back on and see how good a job we had done. Great, it wasn't leaking under the counter but...wait a minute... where is that water coming from...

The back of the faucet had rusted so badly (that would explain the water damage on the counter to begin with) that it started leaking all over the back of the counter. We thought maybe it was some excess water and played around with it for a bit.

To get to the end of the story, dh is at the store picking up a new faucet as we speak. The water is still off in the house, there is a lineup for the bathroom, the kids are home from AWANA and are waiting to brush their teeth before bed... What else is going to happen now?

I figure we need to finish this job the right way so that we don't have the problem again...what is that old saying? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure....

That is how we are looking at this project.

Eventually we will have the house up to par and...then we will sell...HAHAHA


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