Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Faucet

Ok, when dh went to the store he came home with a new faucet and whatever that piping is called that goes from the faucet to the water pipes.

We took it out of the box and checked it out on the sink. We realized that we would need to drill the hole in the sink a little bigger, no big deal.

In looking at it on the sink though, we realized that the handle was going the wrong way. The tap would never shut off because it banged against the wall. So dh went back to the store to buy another one that would fit better.

He came home and told me how embarassed he was. The guy at the store told him to turn the whole tap and handle around and it woul fit....duh!!! (we tried turning the handle but not the tap!!)

So, he came home and drilled the hole and got the faucet in. Easy, then he had to attach the was too big. The guy at the store gave him the wrong one for the tap!!!

So with 10 minutes before the store was to close he ran back. He went in the exit as it was the only door left unlocked and asked if he could just get the right one...pleeeeeeeease!!

He came home with the right ones and now we are almost finished. It is really exciting to do something like this in our house. We have not done a whole lot, and I think the renovation bug has hit me now!!

What will be next!?!


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