Friday, February 17, 2006

Curious George

We went to see Curious George last night. (I love 2 for 1 movie passes when we have a family of 6!!) I loved it. It was all the books in one movie.

When I was a little girl, I read every single Curious George book. I just loved the stories. I need to get some to read to my kids. We have read a few but now that we have seen the movie we need to read the rest.

We went to the movie with Shash and her kids. We took up the whole row, there were 8 kids and 3 adults! It was fun, we haven't been to a movie with the whole family for a while. We need to do it more often!!

So, on to today. Dh is at a meeting for bus drivers, it is put on by the board of education. The weather here is so bad, they have closed many roads and certain towns are just not open today. The roads are really icy and the wind is strong. Apparently there are wind warnings for today and tomorrow I think. So, if they cancel schools for weather like this then why on earth would the meeting still happen? That is crazy that they expect people to drive in this because they don't want to cancel a meeting. Oh well.

I am not sure if homeschool group is still happening either. I will wait until a bit later to call and find out. We really can't miss it because dd7's class is going to be putting on puppet plays, with puppets they are making themselves. I don't want her to miss making them or practicing for the show, so if it is still on we will try to make it.

I was thinking that I would start putting certain posts on certain days. Like on Monday I will share some of my writing, could be poetry or just writing...I don't know, and I would have to figure out the rest. Then everyone has a reason to come back and check often!!

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas too. I love to write but sometimes I need the extra little push to get it going!!

I will be back later today, hopefully , with some more to write.


  1. Cheryl, I just keep my thoughts or what I am doing etc... Not too hard to do.