Friday, February 17, 2006

Hamster Hijinks in our house

For anyone that knows me and my family, you know that pets don't tend to survive very well...

For those of you who do not know us, we have been through many pets. We have had 2 dogs, who really should have been farm dogs. We had about 3 cats, I think, and they were all psycho. We have had LOTS of fish, 2 of them jumped to their death and the others died, except the one that we got from Shash, Fat Fish, he outlived all the fish we ever owned (he lived almost 2 years! he was a goldfish!!) and then hamsters, who knows how many we have had. A few of them we had returned to the store, becauese they were crazy mean, and we needed something friendly.

None of the hamsters lived very long. Until we got Patches. We were in the pet store, looking to buy another hamster, and a lady approached us outside the store. She had 2 hamsters that she was giving away, did we want them, and all the accessories. Yay, we said yes and dh went to pick them up.

Now, Patches has been with us for over a year. He has broken out of his cage 4 times now. Each time he has come back! Why, I am not sure, but he comes back. Except one time we found him downstairs in the laundry room.

There is the background to the story for today.

Last night, we had gone to bed around midnight. I was in and out of sleep by about 1am and I heard a huge bang. I wasn't sure what it was. But it freaked me out. Dh blew it off by saying it was ice falling off the roof. (he didn't want to get out of bed!!)

This morniing, I had forgotten about the noise and was just carrying on, when dd4 noticed the big book from the cage (it doesn't shut right unless we put a book on it) was not there anymore. Ok, so that was the big bang!!

I told dd7 to check in the cage if Patches is in it...He is not.

The hamster was strong enough to open the cage by knocking off the book!! (it is a BIG book).
So, now the waiting game begins again. Is he going to come back this time?? We will definately keep you updated, I know how exciting this is for everyone!!

So, now we are really wondering what is wrong with our house. All these animals are doing everything in their power to get out of here!! Maybe the kids should rethink the whole "let's save for a dog" thing!!