Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hmmm... a really hard decision

So, here is what I am struggling with right now. We had a daughter who was born to heaven in the year 2000. Since March of 2001 we have gone on this "Walk To Remember". It is something that the puts on. Every year it is the one day that we all miss church. We see our friends and we remember Angel and enjoy the activities that go on during this time.

The ladies at our church are planning a weekend away. I really, really, REALLY want to go and someone has blessed me with the funds to go. (that was one reason that I may not have gone). I was so excited to find that out. I really could use some time away for me and learn and grow more spiritually and enjoy the relationship building time with my friends.

The problem...they are on the same weekend (I just realized this today as I was working on the new Sunday School schedule). So, do I break a family tradition and have some me time, or do I be with my family at this time and miss the me time (Which is very rare in our house!!)


I would choose the weekend, but I will have to talk it over with my husband first. He was upset when I said that I really wanted to go on the retreat with the ladies and skip the walk, but...


  1. Hey Ruth, I enjoy weekends away, we all need them. I know you don't want me to decide for you... I can only say what I would personally do. Weekends come and go, this is an opportunity to remember someone very dear to you and your family.
    Your husband may eventually understand, but how would your kids react? Some traditions are worth keeping... and sometimes there's times to let some things go. For me, I would keep the walk, especially while the kids are little. But for you, your busy with your children a lot and maybe the time away is what you really need... you can always remember Angel as a family in a different way this year... pray about it and go with the "peace".

  2. I have to agree with what Lisa wrote.

    tough call to make but I agree that if your hubby is not really for it (to go away that weekend) then it's not worth it.

    I also think that maybe looking at a different way of remembering Angel is worth praying about too.

    Sometimes we cling to the tradition to keep memories or people alive and maybe God has a better way or a new way??!!