Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What A Day!! (and it is only noon)

So, today dd4 had preschool and dh was going to drive his bus for the first whole day himself. I was waiting for him to get home and he called and said he was in an accident.

The end of the story is that he is ok, the driver of the other vehicle was amazingly ok and it wasn't dh's fault, so his job is still ok. We are thankfult that no one was hurt and there were no kids on the bus too.

Anyhow, dh may be on the news tonight.

On other news my kids have started a fund to buy a dog. Dd7 has wanted one for a long time and we just have too much going on right now. I told her that if she were to save $500 then we could talk about it. She wanted to do this herself and it would be HER dog. I really want my kids to learn how to work in team. It is such an important thing to learn. So we talked about having all the kids working together. So just from yesterday they were able to start their savings bank with 12.67 and we donated 10.oo to it too. (we really like dogs too).

Dd7 has also made a thermometer chart. She has each level in $25 increments. There is a picture of the type of dog up top that she wants. As she gets $25 she will cover each level in. I love my kids and the idea that when they want something they can realistically think about what they can do to save the money. Ds10 has a snow shovelling business this winter and dd7 wants to start a doggy daycare business too. Which I think are pretty good ways for them to earn their own money!

Anyhow, this is enough for right now, we are going to get our lunch now.