Sunday, February 19, 2006


So, changing the template worked. I can now add anyones links to the sidebar!! Yay!

Today we taught the kids about Australia. That is one of the places I would like to go someday. There and Botswana!! Tonight at church we are having an Australian dinner. Everyone makes an Australian dish and we eat together. It is fun when we do this (once a month).

I found a book at the library for kids. It is a kids Australian cookbook. I figured the recipes would be easier in there!! So we are bringing Bread and Butter Custard. I think it is just bread pudding, easy and cheap to make!!

I have worked some more on the countertop. 20 tiles stripped right now. I will do some more tonight. I really would like to have it done by Wednesday at the latest. Then I have time to see if we can work a bit in the bathroom. I want to get somethings done around here and they can be done quickly, they are not big jobs, just takes some persistence!!

Anyhow, I will be on here later tonight maybe. I am going to keep posting until the counter is done, and maybe the bathroom too!!


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