Monday, February 20, 2006

The Counter

Well, as I was scraping away at the counter today (it is over half scraped), I found that it is really hard to scrape paint off of cracked tiles (a normal and smarter person would have known this before!!). So, to satisfy my curiosity I decided to scrape out the grout and see how hard it was to take the tile off. Guess what??? It is easy and fun!!

So, new plan for the counter (doesn't this always happen??) we are taking off all the tile. We will buy some new tile tonight (find something cheap) and put it in. How hard can it be?? (famous last words, right;-)

So we are off to go shopping tonight and hopefully get it all started and finished. How long will sonething like this take?


  1. you go girl!!! love little projects that actually get "completed"!! I want new counter tops too!! very badly! I have orginal 1970 everything in my house including elmo red shag carpet in one of the bedrooms!! it's shagarific NOT