Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Supper Recipe Help!!!

Hello to everyone out there...

I need some help. We have not had a whole lotta money to go shopping for meat, so we are cleaning up what we have first (and with only one freezer we need the space first too).

So, what we have in the freezer is SAUSAGE...lots and lots of SAUSAGE. We have pork sausage, goose sausage, duck sausage... I need lots and lots of recipes so my family won't get bored with the same ole' same ole'.

So far I have found one or two interesting looking ones, but if you have a great TNT (tried and true) recipe that your family loves, please pass it on. PLEASE!!!

Thanks to everyone!!


  1. I'm not so good at sausage... I've always just fried the suckers then drained them of all their mage fat. My favourite cook is Rachael Ray, check her out for a recipe.

  2. I go to All Recipe's they have tons of recipe's and viewers comments on how they turned out and stuff!!
    with sausage you can make Nasi Goreng. You have to get the spice package from a deli and the directions are on the back....it does taste better with a little bacon but I have made this recipe with lots of different kinds of meat you really can't go wrong. (it is a dutch/indonesian rice dish) very yummy and tasty tasty tasty
    my mom used to fry sausage add onions and a can of diced tomatoes......a lot!!!

    you could also make that hash in a pan you know with potatoes and eggs and salsa and stuff and add the sausage instead of bacon or ham.....
    hmmmmmm bacon.....hey making me hungry!!
    oh you could also use a mild sausage in spagetti instead of ground beef.....
    ummmm give me a while I might come up with some more!!!