Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things you would hear and see in my house on a daily basis!!!

1. Bubbles get eaten in the bath(10 month old dd Pooky-nickname)

2. Cereal ends up on the floor rather then the bowl

3. The phrase "Stop copying me, stop copying me" with echoes (dd7 Princess-nickname)

4. The phrase "Can I have some candy?" (ds10 Mr. Hockey -nickname)

5. Everyone looking for clean socks (we love the summer, and I swear the dryer DOES eat them!!)

6. Everyone helping to make supper

7. Someone, inevitably, falling down and hurting themselves... (most of the time it's dd4 Cutie Pie)

8. Music, lots of CD's, singing, tapes etc...

9. The pitter patter of Pooky's knees tapping on the floor as she crawls to the stairs after we tell her NO

10. Princess saying "GET OUT OF MY ROOM" to Cutie Pie

11. Schoolwork and learning (all the time and about everything)

12. Mr. Hockey saying "Can I play the Playstation?"

13. A lot of fun family things, we love to spend time together (most of the time)!!

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  1. How adorable hearing the pitter pat of cute little knees on the floor. :) I wonder about the socks too...