Monday, February 13, 2006

What I Did Today

So, I had a good day today. I went over to a friends house and just talked and hung out!! It was nice. She has been homeschooling for a while and has dealt with many different issues with her own children and she gave me some great advice!! It was nice to talk to someone who has been there already!!

My kids played with her kids and we got to look through some of the curriculum and ideas she has implemented with her children. Even her older kids, when they got home from school, told me how good some of the things were that they have done in the past!

It was very refreshing and I feel like I can get a grip on things again. Knowing that I am not the only one who is here, in this position, has made me feel like I can do these things. She introduced me to a really good curriculum choice that is even affordable!! (not so easy to find). So I think we have decided to start using this curr. and see what we can try to work out with dd4.

Dh has said that he will take her on the bus with him in the morning, which will give me some time to work one on one with the older ones. We will see how this works and if it doesn't then we will reassess our situation then.

I still feel that at this point my heart is still wanting to homeschool the kids for a bit more. I want to make sure that they will have a good foundation to stand on, and will have the courage to do so as well. I want my kids to be the leaders that they can be and feel that for us this is the way to go right now.

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I know that when the time comes to put them in school there will be many doors and options available to them. The education system here has really improved a lot and I know that there are many kids who are getting the help they need. Kids are being seen as individuals and that is awesome!! It was nothing like that when I was in school!!

Have a great night and I will try to be back here in the morning!!


  1. having her go on the bus just might give you that extra shot you sound like you need!!
    nothing like getting peace about your decisions eh??!?!!