Monday, February 13, 2006

Wow, it is Monday

Ok, sorry anonymous!! Here I am. It was a very busy weekend. Friday we had our Friday club and then swimming and then dh went out with the guys to play pool. I went over to my friends house to hang out till he got home.

Saturday was our churches family fun day and we were there all day and then out at night for a fun games night at a friends house.

And Sunday we had church and went out for dinner to another friends house!! Like I said, I didn't have any time to get on here and write until now.

So, here has been my thoughts this weekend. We have been homeschooling our children since the beginning. That would be 6 years now. This year has been a really difficult year for us. Dh has been from job to job and we have had a hard time "scheduling" around new hours all the time. I really struggled with continuing the schoolwork and such, whit all kinds of things happening. So, I was thinking that I would put dd4 into kindergaten in September and look at the possiblility of part-time schooling. It all seemed like a great idea when I started thinking about it. Now I have had a bit of time to pray and think some more...

I don't think I want them in school yet. I know a day may come when that will happen but I don't feel it is time yet.

Ds10 has some learning difficulty (I think it may be dyslexia) and it can become very frustrating. So I will really need to focus more on that and find something that will work for him. Dd7 is flying ahead of everyone and actually gets bored, so I think I may need to move her ahead and skip a grade this year. Then dd4...what can I say? Talk about a strong-willed child. She does things and I just can't figure out what her thinking is?? She is really too young to sit down and "do" schoolwork. She loves to think that she is doing something like the other kids but... she does not take instruction well and will do whatever she pleases! And now the baby is getting into EVERYTHING!!

Dh says that he would take dd4 on the bus run with him in the morning and that would give me some time to focus on the older ones but... if she is in kindergarten, she is gone until lunchtime. I am really feeling torn about this decision.

But... such is my life!! We have always believed that God is the one who is leading us in our homeschool adventures. When He says it is time then we will know about school or not...

These are my thoughts from the weekend!!


  1. Hi Ruth,
    Welcome to Monday.... at least I think it is, my weekend is a blur too. I don't know if we have talked about it, but my kids and I all have learning disabilities.
    I used to homeschool them years ago, and I loved it.... but I realized that with the extent of their disabilities they needed more help. It was the best decision for us to put them in Public School. They both have special programming for their way of learning. Ds15 has a class in highschool to help him to do all his homework and to teach him how to be successful in school. He takes that instead of French, which was a waste of time for him.
    Dd12 is dyslexic, as well as having other processing disabilites and she is in a special program for "gifted children with learning disabilities". The special training they get has made a huge difference for both of them. What our Board of Education has to offer far surpasses anything in the past. Ds15 has lots of options... he can write his tests in a quiet room and take as long as he likes. He has longer times and extensions for assignments and is provided notes from class because it's difficult for him to keep up with taking them. I encourage him to do as much as he can on his own, but he gets lots of help. He's actually very bright, but the LDS makes everything harder for him. When you're ready to put any or all in school, I believe you'll know it.... but I wanted to encourage you that there is lots of help for your son if he needs it. Both my kids had IEP's (Individual Education Plans) but now have an IPRC, which means the school board is committed to helping them for as long as they are in school...including University or College. As a parent you have to be proactive, but the help is there and I am very grateful for it.

  2. Things have changed since we were in High School. Gone are the days that if you had a disability they called you "slow" or even in the extreme, "stupid" (as my older sis was). They have great programs and teachers that will go the extra mile to not only educate your child but make sure that they enjoy it. You are an incredible woman with such great patience, it takes a lot to homeschool and I admire you for that. Each year and each child needs to be examined differently and whatever you decide I will help you through it.

  3. I think the main key is knowing your children individually, what works for one may not work for another...... that being said I have to agree that even the Public system is now recognizing that children learn differently.
    My Hailey is showing signs that she is a "different" learner than my oldest 2 which presents a whole new set of challenges.....that is one reason I am glad she is in school, I don't know if I could deal with that. That would strain our relationship I think!