Friday, March 24, 2006

A quick post for today

Ok, so I had the test today for that job. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I am curious to see how I did. There were 3 math questions that I am not sure how I did on, but I think 2 of them were right. The other one was crazy, I had a hard time figuring it out, but took a guess in the last 5 minutes of the alotted time.

Anyhow, they took my resume and references, checked my id and that was it. I feel ok about this right now, so that is good. I really was nervous, but it is done, thank goodness.

I am heading out to Ladies group tonight at a friends house. I look forward to these nights a lot. It is fun to just sit and chat and learn... I have to bring Pooky with me tonight, which is the first time I will have brought her in a long time.

Mr. BD was able to get a hockey ticket to one of the local teams playoff games. I told him that he had to figure out the kids then since my night was planned first!! He called my mom!

So, we have only have Pooky and it will be a nice quiet dinner.

Gonna run now...


  1. glad you did well! and I look forward to hearing what happens!