Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Dreams I have...

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Dreams I have...

1. I wish that I can travel extensively one day!! I have always loved travelling and wish that I did more before I got married and had a family. Maybe one day we will be able to travel again, and it would be fun to go with the kids too, when they are older.

2. I really, really want to write a book. I have got the idea and the concept, which is a start I suppose.

3. I would love to be able to move into a bigger and nicer house, on the outskirts of town.

Okay, I started this earlier and I am finally back now. Busy day today!!

4. A whole new kitchen...let me explain...We just got our income tax refund back and the flyers came today as well!! I know the right thing for us to do is pay off all the bills, which is easily done (and we will pay the bills first cause I hate coming up with new excuses!!). knew it was coming, now that we have a nice, shiny counter, I want stainless steel appliances to go with it!! We could do it with our refund, but it's not realistic!! That is so sad for me...I will have to buy one thing at a time when we get some more money!! (or look for used!)

5. For us to never have to worry about money again. Mr. BD could get an amazing job that pays an exhorbitant amount of money for very little work (or a lot of work too!)

6. To get a new vehicle, a van that opens on both sides would be really nice when you have 4 kids!!

7. Don't tell Mr. BD, but I would secretly still like to have more kids (actually he knows), either adopted, fostered or by birth (shhh, I know I said I was done but something changed all of a sudden, like Pooky grew up fast or some life crisis!! probably won't happen though!! and maybe I will change my mind tomorrow!)

8. That my kids would get along with each other all the time. I know, I know, wishful thinking, but I thought that my kids would get along differently then me and my siblings did. I want them to be close and protect one another.

9. To be able to live by faith more then we have been and believe without a doubt that God provides everything for us that we will ever need.

10. To have a cottage with lots of land for friends to come and tent on. it has to be on a sandy beach with nice water (not the scummy stuff!)

11. I would love to be able to help kids in other countries and have my family alongside me to help with the work.

Wow, this is harder then I thought it would be. Let me see....

12. Learn new languages, this is something that we are looking into for next year. I think there is a place in our city that gives free lessons in certain languages. I always loved speaking and learning languages. In high school I took French, Spanish and Italian.

13. That my kids grow up to be healthy, stable adults who have a serving heart. That they will go into all the world for God and love doing it.

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  1. great list!! I share many of those same dreams!! it is good to dream!

  2. I knew you weren't done.... (#7)

  3. Great list! I also love your header 'written on the palm of His hand'. What a touching concept.

    Mary, mom to many

    BTW, keep praying aboout the adoption dream. God has a way of changing hearts and providing money. My hubby wasn't thrilled about the idea at first either. But now he is SUCH an adoption fan!