Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, LATE!!!

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I want to accomplish by next week....

1. Get the front porch cleared off, swept and washed the driveway cleaned and the front lawn raked

2. Get the living room totally decluttered (this is a HUGE problem for us) and organized

3. Clean out and organize the kitchen cupboards and finish the rest of the backsplash

4. Get the back hallway cleared out and throw out most of that junk!!

5. Clean out the dining room and the shelf in there

6. Finish the laundry that is in the basement. I want to bag it all up and take it to the laundromat. Then I know it will be finished.

7. Clear out the basement. It is now going to be all Mr. Hockeys room so we need to take out all the stuff that is not his

8. Clean off my desk. This is one of the hardest things for me. I seem to be a paper magnet around here. It is really bad...

9. Get our room cleaned out and organized. It is much better then it used to be, but still could use some work.

10. Organize and set up the birthday present bin we have. We started to get gifts ahead of time and then we are not running around like crazy at the last minute. needs some serious organizing

11. Get all the spider webs off the ceilings, yuck, I hate this part. I will also throw in cleaning the kitchen fan and the other light fixtures in the house

12. Cook a bunch of meals to freeze for my sister, who just had the baby. She is finding it a bit of a harder adjustment then expected...I hate that emotional time right after a baby...

13. Have some fun withthe kids at some point. I don't get into this mode very often. There is so much to do around here, and I found out this week that myhouse may sell for more then we ever thought. I think we should get it looking good and have an assesment done, just for curiousity. May be time to think about moving!!

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  1. I NEED a list like this!!

    Mary, mom to many

  2. Yeah - me too...But for me that would be very hard list to follow through. I hope you can get the things set before you done next week.

  3. wow that is quite the list!!! I actually went around and made notes of what needs to be done in each room and taped them to the wall....that's right taped to add repair wall where I TAPED a to-do-list to it!!! doah

  4. AARGH! Your list reminds me of all the cleaning and organizing that I need to do at my house.
    I really hope that you achieve your goal and are very pleased with the results.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Don't ya love spring - it makes you want to clean! I experience the decluttering bug this time of the year. Are you sure you can do all that in a WEEK???