Saturday, April 01, 2006

Out all day...

Today I am at a homeschool conference all day. I love going to this once a year. It gives me so many new ideas about what to do and how to handle different situations. I alos love the fact that I get to see so many other people who homeschool. I am not alone!!

I haven't been able to post very often in the past week and days. I have been so busy with the spring cleaning bug that I just haven't had any time to pay attention to my computer!! That is a good thing thoug, I guess. So far we have weeded out all the clothes in the house and the kids are going to work on clearing out the laundry room.

We have a water softener coming in on Monday and then we are getting a new dishwasher hooked up shortly after that!! Yay! No more dish washing by hand, soon!!

Gonna run now, I need to get to the conference early to meet with a lady. She is selling a curriculum that I think Princess would enjoy using.

Talk to you all later!!


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