Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blog Addiction!!!

Ok, I received an email today from Blog Explosion. It let me know that there was a new game out there to play. It is called Blog Tycoon. VERY ADDICTING!!

So, that is where I have been for a bit today. You have to go and surf the different blogs there, and if you get caught, you are out. I made it one time to the last level and I was 3 blogs away from winning.

Does anyone ever win? The points that you win are supposed to be used to help generate traffic to your blog. Haven't quite figured that out yet, but I am trying to.

Anyhow, today was pretty uneventful, if a clogged toilet and 8 children (4 mine and 4 extra) can be called uneventful.

Mr. Bus Driver got to drive his first charter today at work. You have to be there 45 days before you can start doing them, but no one else was available. Yay, that means more money this week. It sure will be nice.

We have also managed to make a dent in the laundry we call Mt. Neverest!! On Sunday we bagged it all up (14 bags including blankets and sleeping bags) and went to the laudromat. A ridiculous amount of money later we are caught up, except for one load which we forgot. We have gotten rid of 2 garbage bags of garbage, and 5 to give away. We have too many clothes...

Today we also made a special craft with the kids, it was an Octopus Mobile. Very cute. It was in one of the Usborne hostess card packs that I had. We had to occupy the kids somehow, and they loved this.

I really need a digital camera so I can take pics and post them. Now I understand when someone said tht a camera is a bloggers best friend.

Pooky is not feeling too well lately. We think she may have an intolerance to milk, milk protein or lactose. Not usre yet, will have to check it out now. She just seems to be up all night screaming in pain and it is making for a very tired house. I feel so bad when I can't do anything for her. We will definately be looking into things that we can do to help her.

I am going to get a quick drink and head to bed. Everyone else is asleep for now and I am pretty tired. Will be back on here tomorrow for Thursday Thirteen. I will have to think of an idea tonight!! (I will probably dream about it!)

Good Night...


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