Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Random thoughts tonight...

I can never come up with any good blog titles...oh well

Yesterday we had our water softener put in. I am so excited that we finally can get a dishwasher. Now, we had a used dishwasher sitting in the kitchen to be installed today. The appliance guy came over and told us that the make we had was not the greatest one. It would be expensive to repair and that there was a possiblity that it wouldn't work after it was installed.

We decided to go and buy a new one instead. They are really not that expensive right now, we got a pretty good deal, but while we were there I saw the ones that I want. We decided not to go stainless steel until we are in a house that we know we will be staying in longer.

It was the Bosch line of stainless steel dishwashers. Very Nice!!!

Anyhow, the dishwasher will be installed on Friday for real now. It is very exciting to not have to wash dishes by hand very much...

We bought the Narnia movie today. The kids wanted it so bad, so we all (that is the kids and us) pooled our change. We came up with 18.00 in change. WOW, we have a lot of change. Princess and Cutie Pie are watching it right now. It will end up being watched a lot now, I think.

I need to find a good study guide for the movie. I can make school out of just about anything. It would be neat to walk through the movie in a way that the kids could understand it. If anyone knows any good guides, let me know.

My mom and I are planning my sisters shower on Sunday. We are just doing a drop in type of thing, not formal and none of those cheesy shower games this time!! It is easier this way to plan it all;-)

My aunt and cousin are coming from Orillia to see the baby. It will be so nice to see them again. I really enjoy visiting with them, so it will be nice.

My mind is flying all over tonight, so back to Saturday, at the conference. There was a booth that I went to after all the kids stuff was done. The Word Guild is a place for writers or aspiring writers to go. I am thinking that I may sign up and check out their conference coming up, maybe. They had a book on their table,not thorugh them, but one that they highly suggest everyone read. I found it at the library and have it on hold. It is called Scribbling in the Sand, by Michael Card. Christ and Creativity.

So, if anyone has read this book, let me know. I am really needing to start reading again. I have not made the time to do this for myself, but now I am going to start!!

Gonna run, let me know what you think of these two things. Be back later on...


  1. oh um....I don't have any answers to either of them!! sorry but I still wanted to comment and say YEA for the dishwasher....wait..did I already say that??? oh well it is worth a big YEAH

  2. Oh, I'm going to get Narnia today!! We are so excited!

    Mary, mom to many

  3. hey Ruth I was just thinking about the curriculum....here the gov't pays you $1,000/per kid/per year if you are homeschooling and they have teachers available to help, on line and some even come to your house....I was wondering if the program you are on has teachers that can help like that? cuz maybe they could help with stuff like that - movies and with your oldest's dyslexia!

  4. Maybe we should move to BC... Ontario doesn't offer any of that. We could apply for part time schooling which is really not as easy todo as it sounds, so I have been told...