Friday, April 07, 2006


Yay, so the dishwasher is FINALLY in. We are running our first load right now, see we didn't have to wash ALL the dishes before he came!!

It is so quiet and clean and nice, and the water doesn't smell bad either. Whe he took the old one out, the kitchen just wreaked of that eggy smell of old water.

Anyhow, Princess and Cutie Pie got their haircuts the other day. They both look so cute, I really need a camera to show everyone...

Princess is in the kitchen now, cooking lunch, perogies and chicken nuggets...mmmmmmm....two of my favourite things. We actually don't have anything planned tonight, so I think we will watch Narnia, as a family, finally. The kids have been bugging and bugging to watch it together, so tonight is the night!

Survivor, what did I think about it? I thought it was good, but I really would have gotten rid of Aras. Silly people, if only they could see themselves!! No, being there would be way different, and you have to watch out for yourselves. I really dislike Shane. He is so annoying and frustrating. Every week he does something else that is downright rude, I don't know how he can still be there!! Hopefully next week he goes. I really would like to see Bruce win it. He reminds me of the Karate Kid movies...I loved those movies.

Well, we are headed out to homeschool group today. I am looking forward to seeing a friend who is having a hard time right now. I am bringing a few of my writings to share with her. I can understand some of what she is going through and we talked for a while on the phone today. I like being able to help people.

Oh, and the BIG new for last night Pookie went to sleep, in her crib, at 9pm, with a bottle of water, and only cried for about 20 minutes. She slept the whole night! Didn't wake up until 9am this morning. Yay, so now we can have a good nights sleep without her in our bed. She turns 1 on Saturday the 15th.

Gonna run...


  1. CONGRATS on both, a new dishwasher and a full nights sleep!!!!!! I'm jealous :-)