Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The tooth fairy and s*x...

Ok, let me explain the title...

My 8 year old has lost another tooth. We have been doing the whole tooth fairy thing, but she is very logical. She knows (we think) that the tooth fairy is not real. One time (actually a few times) we have forgotten that the tooth fairy had to visit that night and we just told the kids that she was on holidays and she should be back shortly.

I honestly can't remember when we stopped being visited by the tooth fairy in our house. How much longer should we be doing this? I don't know, oh well. It is going to get expensive with 4 kids!!

The other part, s*x, we were watching TV tonight. It was an old episode of 7th Heaven. We don't normally watch this show, but there was nothing else on and we just watched it. Ruthie had seen her parents "in the room" and had written about it in her journal for school. They said "the word". Now, we have had many talks with our kids about this topic. Princess is so full of questions about everything, that we really don't have a choice then to answer them for REAL. Then she starts giggling and stops asking the questions. She is 8 remember. She says, "what is s*x?" (the star so I don't get yucky searchers). So I answered back, "it is when a husband and wife love each other very much." She replies back, so quickly..."you and daddy have s*x a lot then cause you guys love each other!!" I broke out laughing, along with Mr. BD!! We were totally taken aback. No longer will we answer with cute things, it is the truth and nothing but. I went on to explain to her that it is definately not something to be talked about in public (like my mom and dad have s*x all the time, I could so hear this come from her!) and I reminded her how babies were made and said that one word for that act was s*x. She went "eeeeewwwwwwww gross" and the conversation eded there!!

Wow, what a fun night. I think we will stick with the cartoons they have been watching!


  1. LOL....I have a funny story about what my 7 year old asked me.....like ya I was just glad she couldn't see my face when she asked it!!! I don't know if you can ever be prepared for these moments!!

  2. My kids are still at the stage that they are grossed out by seeing people / us kiss. So when we want "private" time we just say it's kissing time. They haven't asked beyond that...yet...

  3. LOL princess the comedian

    Will it be the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

    I found that it is always best to ask for clarification when an eight year old ask about "kissing time". You may answer in too much depth or the wrong question.