Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Blogs I Visit On A Daily Basis (yes, I am blog addicted and have spoken about it before!!)
1. Shash We go to the same church. It is amazing what new things you can learn about people who you thought you knew already. And all from a computer!! (is something wrong with this situation?)
2. Lala This is Shash's sisters blog. We met when she came to our Ladies Retreat. I really enjoyed getting to know her and I love reading her blog. It gives me aload of insight into girls who are older then mine!!
3. Owlhaven She seems to have a special zest for life. I love reading about her kids and the fun things that happen on a daily basis there. She is an awesome writer who has a way of just making you feel like you are there.
4. Diary as a Workbook This is a girl from Japan. When I first got started blogging, I clicked the next blog button at the top of the page. I came across this site, she is learning english and I thought it was a great opportunity to read about life in Japan!!
5. Cheryl Again, a friend from church. She doesn't seem to get on the computer very much, but I always check it out anyway...
6. Wave Another friend from church. I told you, we are learning more about each other through the internet!!
7. Thoroughly Modern Millie She is an 80 year old blogger. I thought it was just the neatest thing that I saw my future!! Just kidding!! No, there are a lot of fun posts on there.
8. Trying to Catch Up I am intrigued by the Blog Olympics and she advertises it here. I have never done it, am working up to that.
9. Dooce Came across her site when it was about kids sleeping through the night. Very controversial comments!! I enjoy reading about their family. She is extremely funny and very down to earth!! Love the tin foil post!!
10. Steppin Heavenward I really enjoy reading about their family. They are in the process of adopting another child from Ethiopia. She seems like such a loving mom, what a blessing.
11. Xangelle I found her blog through Lala. I like that she is totally down to earth and there are some pretty finny things that happen at their house!!
12. Epoch Man Frogger...need I say more?
13. From Diapers to Deadlines I want to write when I finally have the time and the patience to do so, I enjoy checking out this site...
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  1. It is amazing what you learn through cyberland!! Just don't get lost in here and forget about the real world - it is still better to communicate person to person. I know you don't have that problem but I've seen others lose social skills because of the internet... sad. Where did that all come from, nice bunny trail!!

  2. hey great that I am #2....hehehe in case you did't realize...I LOVE attention...just ask Shash!!!

    great list Ruth

    my tt is up

  3. You're busy on the internet, girl. I'll have to check some of these out.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT. Happy Thursday!

  4. Very interesting, like the blog chain connections...may try that myself sometime

  5. I only know one blogger from your list - time for me to come back tomorrow to check out the others. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my T13

  6. Thanks for the list of blogs, I am always looking for other good blogs to visit. And thank you for visiting my blog too :)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog Ruth! I like your list. I'm still new so I don't think I could come up with 13 that I visit everyday yet. One day. Hope your doing well!

    God Bless!