Thursday, May 11, 2006


So, Mr. BD went to that second interview today and as you see above, he got the job. This is so exciting.

Now he is having a hard time talking to the school bus company and giving them his notice. He had originally said that he would stay for 1 year, since they licensed him. He really wanted to stay and he really enjoys the job. This is one of the only jobs that he has really enjoyed.

This made it a hard decision, his word or supporting the family. He only makes between 800-1200 at the bus job. Right now it is subsidized with EI. The EI, however, has almost run out now. I think there are only 4-6 weeks left, then we have only the bus income. It will definately not cover our basic expenses and getting daycare that is financially worth it isn't the easiest thing to find.

So, the decision between his word and supporting his family...

This new job will pay almost 3 times the amount of the bus and it has benefits to boot. They also may upgrade his license to an A in the winter, which will save us a bundle of tuition there.

It is a really hard choice, emotionally, but he knows that he has to take this new job. He has worked it out to work part time for 2 weeks at the new job to hold his job while he gives the bus company 2 weeks notice.

He does not like doing this and making these kinds of decisions, but it just has to be done. he hates not standing by his word, but do we let our family go bankrupt or worse to keep his word when there is an huge opportunity?

AAAHHHH..... I am still excited that we will actually have some extra money again. Now that we have learned to live on relatively little, I hope we are able to do that still and use this extra money for savings or other things. We are not in a huge debt right now, so we will be able to save lots!! (as long as we don't change our lifestyle!!)

We found out that there is a wonderful ball hockey association here and we decided to let Mr. Hockey decide if he would rather do ice or ball hockey. He said he likes to watch ice hockey and he likes to skate on the ice for fun, but he really doesn't like playing it on a team like this. So we called the ice hockey arena and asked if it was possible to get our money back and they said yes, minus the cancellation fee and the 2 weeks that he has played. He would also need to return the team jersey. With the money that we get back, there is still enough to put him in the ball hockey and they are still accepting players. It just started last week so he has only missed one weekend.

Again, another hard decision for us. We have always told the kids that we don't quit doing what we start. But this time it seemed different. Maybe I am just making an excuse, but it just was a whole new atmosphere to be in. The kids on the team have been playing for years and 5-6 days a week. They are the AAA's and are really good. It is hard for a kid who hasn't played a lot to come in and be at the same level. I don't want my son to lose his confidence and maybe I am being overprotective. He is a really great ball hockey player and has played that for 2 years now. So he knows what he is doing and I can see him doing really great there.

I guess I am having a hard time knowing when to let him get hurt and let him stand up for himself. He is a really sweet kid and doesn't fit the "typical boy" mould. He loves to get rough and tumble with other kids and loves sports and getting right into games on TV and stuff, but he also has such a soft side for his little sisters and can play with younger kids very well. I am so worried that some kid will say something and just crush him. I have a hard time as a mom, knowing when I need to step back from situations. I have let him handle certain issues and he just lets most things just roll off his back.

I need some input. If I can stop a bad and hurtful situation from happening, should I step in or just let him handle it on his own?

Please, help me with this one!!


  1. Have you read Lala's blog and the one fron Pajamas? They are good.

    Remember that whatever decision we make for us and for our kids, it has to go through a Kingdom filter. D preached on that a couple of weeks ago.

    God will show you when and where to pull in the reins and when and where to let them go longer. We don't want our kids to live in a bubble but it is our place to protect them. It's a delicate balance. The Holy Spirit is the best teacher of all, you'll learn more there than any other TV show or book or preacher....

    p.s. Congrats P on the job!!

  2. hey congrats on the job!! that is great, I get that would be hard to go back on his word as a man of intergrity but when you can't see into the future sometimes it has to happen for the benefit of family!
    wow tough question on when to step in and when to just stand back and let them figure it out!!!! I have been going the same thing and I have to keep myself in tune with the Holy Spirit......which when I get really busy like this past week sometimes does not happen, which I am not proud of. He knows the future and the BIG we have to trust in Him. I am working on this too but I really think it is the only way!