Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - 100th Post!!

Thirteen Things about Ruth's Random 100th Post!!

1. My Hundredth post is a Thursday Thirteen

2. I totally forgot today was Thursday and I, remarkably, wasn't thinking about this one all week!!

3. I can't believe that I have posted 100 blog messages now. I wonder if I have posted anything worthwhile!!

4. I still wonder how much information is too much...

5. I was also not feeling well today so that is another reason why this is late. My back has been hurting quite bad, never been this bad before, so I took some T3's which totally knocked me off my feet for most of the day.

6. I really do visit a lot of blogs every day. I really enjoy the glimpse into other lives and the issues that some make me think of. Some make me laugh out loud and others are written so well.

7. My computer had some problem yesterday, it wouldn't let me open anything up so I couldn't do anything online during the day. I was up past midnight fixing the computer and it worked today still. I didn't want to use it too much, just in case it broke again. WITHDRAWAL.

8. I just got home from working and it is 1am. These are crazy hours, but the medicine I took today is still kinda there in my system, so I should have no problem going to sleep.

9. My kids spent the whole day today looking up information about 10 Prime Ministers we have had (or presently have) so they will know something for the history challenge they so wonderfully signed up for. I really did forget about it until this week and finally got them to learn some stuff. I am hoping, since we procrastinated so long, that it will all be fresh in their minds!

10. Tomorrow is the last day of our homeschool group. I am actually looking forward to having more time at home, so we can actually do some "home" school. We have a goal to finish so many workbooks by the end of the year and still have fun outside. We gotta find our balance again.

11. We took Princess to her soccer game tonight, in the rain. It is only cancelled when there is lightening. We need to buy an umbrella, preferably a BIG one!!

12. Talking about procrastinating...I am in a community garage sale on Saturday with my friend Cheryl. Ask me how much stuff I have ready? NONE!!! I really need to work on that tomorrow night.

13. Also on Saturday, the church that puts on a program for kids at our community centre, is having a mom pamper day. I am going to get my hair done and have a facial wax...does that hurt? Will I have to do it again and again from then on? I NEED to know this stuff!!

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  1. pamper day and I'm not there to get in on that!!! happy TT now get some rest!

  2. 100th post!!! wow....I wonder how many I have??? I haven't even looked!!!