Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pooky's Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things my 13 month old, Pooky is doing now

1. She is toddling all over the house. She is at that stage where she would rather walk instead of crawl. Can I just say YAY? (note the sarcasm in my typing!!)

2. She can climb up the stairs now. All the way to the top. Talk about heart attacks all day long.

3. She can say HI to people. Yes, she actually says the word. It is so cute, because she will just repeat it over and over again until you take note of it!!

4. She waves. She has been doing this for a while now. But it is still really cute.

5. She says more please with sign language. We thought that we would teach her this so she would stop screaming. Let me tell you now, IT HASN'T WORKED!!!

6. She makes that gesture with her hands to say come here. You know, like a backwards wave, while screaming.

7. She cuddles. Whenever anyone picks her up she snuggles right into the crook of their neck. Her arms go around as far as they can and she jsut does not let go. I LOVE THIS!!

8. When she wants something she screams at you and waves her pointer finger at you. Ok, something we need to stop doing now.

9. She loves to eat, and all the time. She eats with her hands and when she is done she needs a bath. After every meal!!

10. She loves babies. The ones that are smaller then her. She just giggles and points at them the whole time. Her face gets so excited. (Makes me want another one, jsust so she can be a big sister!!)

11. She obeys. I know, she is only 13 months, but she really does obey. She knows the word "no" and she listens to me "in public"!! Not just at home!!

12. She sleeps through the night. She haa been doing this for a while now, but I love this about her. I can put her into her crib awake, with a "baba" or a "cuppy" of water and she is out like a light!!

13. She likes to have clean shoes. Yes. At church this past Sunday she took a baby wipe out of the container and started cleaning her shoe. I laughed so hard, so quietly, because it was something my sister would do! We have a neat freak!!

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  1. awwww that is soooo adorable!! I love that age!!! well I do love all the ages but that one of first everythings is especially special!
    great list

  2. They grow so very quick!! My oldest turned 18's hard to believe he was ever that small. Hooray for you for savoring the moments.

    My TT is up here.