Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bathroom Update

Ok, so we have the most crooked walls in the world. Oh well, hubby did a great job making it all fit!! He even got behind the toilet where I thought it wouldn't fit.

We are heading back to Rona tonight. I love that store, in case you haven't noticed!! We are going to grab the wood rail to go across the top of the panels to finish the look and also the big, wide baseboards for the bottom.

He picked a great blue colour for the walls. I never doubted him, really I didn't... anyhow, he ended up buying 2 cans a small one that was a mistint, for $5 and the big one for the walls. The smaller can is a lighter shade of the bigger one, so I think I will try to whitewash (I think that is the right term) the wainscotting. It will just tie it in a bit better I think, and we can cover up the bad spots.

It is exciting, and I am sure you will all be bored by the end of this.

I also made a 101 in 1001 list. There is a link on my sidebar for it. The bathroom is on there!!

Gonna run and eat before Princess' soccer.