Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reno #2...YAY

So, remember how fun it was to read all about my counter?

Next up...The Bathroom...FINALLY!!

I had made a comment to hubby about how he has done some work at my uncles house and I couldn't wait till he worked on our bathroom. This morning I had to run into the office (ok, that sounds funny to me!!) and as I left I heard banging upstairs. I popped up quickly to see and he is starting it.

So far, we have used 3 packs of wainscotting slats. Hubby has gone back to Rona now to grab 2 more packs and I thinnk that should about do it. We will have to talk to one of our neighbours to see if they would be able to cut the wood to the size we need for the last 2 areas.

We have had this wood for about 4 months now and it really is exciting to see it going up. Our floors are crooked so we will be replacing the baseboard with another wide one, like we took down. It will add to the age of the house too, so I am ok with that.

When the walls are done we are going to go in there and scrub the floors clean so we can lay the new self adhesive tiles we had leftover from the pantry. They are a nice blue that will go well with the paint colour hubby is picking.

Yes, that is right, I sent him to the store with a business card of the blue that I want. We will see what he comes home with...I trust him and he thinks it is great that he gets to pick it and I haven't been "hovering"!

So, by tonight we could have a whole new bathroom, excluding the baseboards (which will come by tomorrow) and the toilet, which really does need to be repalced...all in time, right?

More to follow, and hopefully I will get a digital camera and I can post the pics after!!


  1. Whoot Whoot! It's nice to get things crossed off the "to-do" list!!!

  2. hey congrats on all the progress going on over there