Monday, May 08, 2006

Scary Moment!!

I know exactly how Lala felt when she talked about her daughter falling down the other week.

Today, my 1 year old, Pookie, fell really hard on the bottom of the computer chair. She whacked her head pretty hard. I heard the crack, it was so bad.

Whe I picked her up and started to look for the bump, I couldn't find one anywhere. I don't know what part she bumped. She fell right asleep in my arms then.

I phoned my mom and told her about it. I was so scared. So I tried waking her up with a cold face cloth. She did not want to wake up at all. She screamed and cried but all with her eyes closed.

She finally did wake up and I checked her out. I know some of the symptoms and checked the net for others with head injuries. She is ok, didn't have any of the other signs, just sleepy.

I am going to keep a close eye on her here, let her only sleep a half hour at a time.

My other 3 have bumped their heads in the past and never had any problems, never fell asleep nothing. This freaked me out!!


  1. oh man that is scarey!!! I will be praying for you today!

  2. My daughter twirled around and around and fell over, banging her head on the concrete plinth under a washing machine - she lost vision so I took her to A&E (casualty), whilst waiting to be seen there she wanted to sleep, I told the nurse on duty and she said it was fine and that they let people sleep if they wanted to. I was not happy though and like you wanted her awake. She was eventually checked out and was also sick. But no serious side effects.
    My son (!!!) banged his head all the time and huge bumps would form almost straight away and he never suffered from them

    (BTW he has just arrived home from school with both knees, and elbow and his opposite wrist covered in scrapes and grazes and HUGE bruises.... defiantely hair greying!)

    I hope that I have been of some help

  3. Ouch!! It's fun and not so fun when they first start moving around. I'll check in with you later... from BC - where I know I'll find a computer to keep in touch. I will pray for her and will miss you too.