Monday, May 08, 2006

The day is finally over

Ok, so Pookie seems to be ok now. She was up and walking around and played outside for a bit. She did go to bed early but I kept her from napping today so that is alright. I just hope she doesn't wake through the night instead.

Next up... Cutie Pie has come down really sick. She is coughing horribly and almost not able to breathe in between. She had a fever of 101.5 tonight. So we have given her some medicine and put her to bed. I haven't heard her cough yet, so I hope that she will be ok to stay asleep. If the cough doesn't get better by lunch I am going to give our doctor a call. She just got over an ear infection so I think it is better to be sure that everything is ok.

All this happened on my exciting Monday. Who could have asked for a better start of the week?

I really hope that tomorrow is a better day...

Oh, and Mr. BD passed his air brake endorsement yesterday. So now he will be waiting for anew license to come through the mail with a B and a Z on it. He was so excited and relieved to have passed. He was nervous. Hopefully he will be able to stay at the school bus company. He really loves driving the bus, but it will totally depend on what happens this summer. He is not going to actively look for a job until the beginning of June. He wants to finish out the school year with the route that he has. We figure that is the fair and right thing to do. They did help to license him, afterall, but they will also have to understand if he leaves for another, higher paying job.

So it is before midnight, and I am actually really tired. I think I am going to head up to bed.

Yes, before midnight!!

Goodnight everyone...


  1. Congrats P!!

    Continue to pray and speak health over your family, protection for their safety. Ps 91 is a good place to start.


  2. glad pookie is doing good and we will pray that cutie pie is 100% too!!!

    I hate monday's like that,makes the week seem LOoooonnnnng