Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Usborne May News

Here we are in May!!

I missed the April newsletter. What a busy month that was for us. Easter and our baby's 1'st birthday!!

I will be placing the May order on the 25th of this month. If you are interested in anything, please let me know by the 24th. Also, if you know anyone else who may be interested in this newsletter, please feel free to forward it to them.

If you were interested in becoming a consultant. This is a great month to start. The Start-Up kit is only $29.95 and you receive $100.00 worth of books plus the business start-up bundle. They are also having an extra bonus to help get your business started: To make it even easier for you to pre-book 5 shows, within the first 30 days of business (and earn $50.00 in free books), you can offer your hostesses double the allowance for their home show, which is held and processed during those first 30 days.

There are a few ways you can host a party. If you like to do home shows, I can come to your home, or you can come to mine. Then there are also catalogue shows, this is where you show your friends the catalogue, either online or in person, and they will give you their order and you will collect the money. You still get the same benefits. Also, if you have another creative way that you would like to do to host a show, please let me know. (I can receive orders from all over Canada)

If you host a party, you get some wonderful benefits. You will earn 10-12% of the party retail total - or - DOUBLE your earned merchandise allowance and purchase it at a 70% discount. Plus, for every guest who books a new show, to be held in the following 28 days, you will earn $20.00 worth of books for $6.00. (70% discount). Each of those guests who book a show will also receive the same discount.

There are also 2 wonderful hostess bonus books. If your party sales (including outside orders) are $200.00 or more, and you have 1 booking, you get to choose one of these great books: Farmyard Tales Storybook or Activities for All Year Round, for free.

I hope everyone has a wonderful month of May and I look forward to hearing from you.

Ruth Patton

NEW TITLES (can be found at Usborne)

Ballerina Dreams (8 years and up) 6.95 each
A lively new series. Ballerina Dreams is written by a trained dancer and successful author, Ann Bryant. As a child, dancing was her passion and she brings an inside knowledge of the world of ballet to her writing. The Central School of Ballet has been involved in the creation of these realistic stories capturing the dreams and dramas of three budding ballerinas.
Poppy's Secret Wish (book 1), Rose's Big Decision (Book 3), Dancing With The Stars (Book 5), Dancing For Ever (Book 6)

Famous Lives (8 years and up) 9.95 each
Each book describes a famous life, following the protagonist through their triumphs and tribulations. Lively speech, colourful illustrations and photographs bring the reader closer to the action as the story unfolds.
Adolf Hitler, Anne Frank, Martin Luther king. Winston Churchill

Farmyard Tales Little Book of Train Stories (3 years and up) 10.95
A delightful collection of short stories especially written, with the help of a language expert, for young children who are just beginning to read.
This book contains The Old Steam Train, Rusty's Train Ride, Woolly Stops the Train and Dolly and the Train.

Jigsaw Atlas of North America (4 years and up) 19.95
A colourful and highly illustrated atlas of North America that is packed with objects, people, places and animals to spot on every page.
Each of the 6 sturdy jigsaws focuses on a particular region of North America and contains several pieces that can be slotted into clearly and colourfully illustrated maps.

Lift the Flap Learner (2 years and up) 15.95
Night Time
Lift the flaps in this beautiful book and see what animals do while we are asleep. Cats prowl, mice scuttle, owls swoop and bats flutter across the pages, capturing the atmosphere of night-time in different places around the world.

Ruth Patton


  1. I love books and I have SO many kids books cuz I buy so many....books are great!! if I sold this I would not make any $$!!!

  2. Yeah, I make enough money to support my habit!! I figure if they pay for themselves then I still get the opportunity to buy them!!