Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We have been BUSY!!

I know I am busy whe I can't find the opportunity to blog!

Between working on this census (Count yourself in today!!) and kids stuff, soccer, hockey, school (in no particular order) I have been so busy.

Friday, Mr. Hockey played his first ball hockey game. He is on the Rangers and his shirt has a picture of the Statue of Liberty on it. It is very cool. They won that game, which is nice, but it is also a whole other atmosphere there. Half the time you couldn't really tell what parents were going for what team. Everyone cheered and rooted everyone on. There was no bad talk, no discouragement, no tension....

I am so happy that we did switch him over after all. I was really concerned about the aspect of quitting something to join something else, but it was the right decision. He played on Saturday too and they won then also. They are a pretty good team

Dh did get a new job (I believe I mentioned that earlier). He started his 3 day long training yesterday and seems to enjoy what he has learned so far. It seems to be a very good company that is very well run. So it is nice for him. So, I have been getting used to being home alone again. It is going to be a big adjustment for our family to have him out and working a regular job like this again. he has been home with us a lot and I wish he didn't have to go back to work, but money seems to get in the way of that!! I think he will probably be working most weekends too, which will be twice as hard!! He has always tried to stay away from working on Sunday, but we are finding it hard when he doesn't want to work in a factory. So, I will just have to get used to that too if he is working Sundays. Oh well.

Pookie came down really sick on Sunday night. We had gone to a church service out of town and Mr. BD (will have to change this nick) dropped me off at my mom's to do some work and dh brought the kiddos home. He left Pookie with me. Around midnight, we were just finishing up work, and I heard her puking. Yuck, I am not the one who ever deals with the puke, dh always has. Anyhow, we brought her home and I stayed on the couch with her, so dh could get the sleep he needed for his drive and training on Monday. It seems that Pookie has never really gotten over her sinusitis. We have more medicine for her and I hope it finally clears. I don't like her being sick.

We have never dealt with this so much in one year. Cutie Pie was complaining about her ears again, so she is back on meds too. My back has been in really bad pain. It is livable, but it is constant. A bit frustrating. I am making an appt. to see the dr. for myself. I think there may be a drastic medical intervention that I am going to look at having done. (Those who know me may understand what I mean, but if not, then too bad!!)

Oh well, that is my life right now, I hate complaining about things, but sometimes you just have moments.

Mother's Day was really nice for me. I liked going to that spa day, at a local church. My kids go to a program run by a church in the area. This year they treated all the moms of the kids to a spa day. You could pick what you wanted to have done, I chose to have my haircut and styled. Too bad I can't style it that way at home. It was nice to just go and relax, without any kids and jsut enjoy a day of adult talk and food and gifts and pampering!

Then we took our mom out for lunch on Sunday. I enjoy Mother's Day, I know some people say it is not a big deal, but my family shows their appreciation to me all year round, but it is nice to have a day where my kids can take pride in something else that they want to do for me, or dad on father's day. Cutie Pie was funny this year. We were in a garage sale this Saturday, and the kids earned the money when their stuff sold.

Cutie Pie says to me that she is going to spend her money on a box. I asked her to show me which one, cause she certainly was NOT going to waste her money on a box!! She took me to it, and it was a nice stitched on canvas type of box. I asked her why she wanted it and she said it was for mother's day. No concept of secrets!! Then she wanted to buy something to go inside the box. A glass to be precise. The ones from the gas stations, do you remember those? With the olympic symbols on them? Well, I had to talk her out of that, cause really, what am I going to do with that? I showed her where there was some nice cheap Avon bubble bath and gave her the money to buy it. She put it in her box and told me not to look, it was a surprise!!

Was I ever surprised on Mother's Day!!

I really do enjoy these times, it lets my kids get even more creative and they feel that they have accomplished something too. If they don't get me anything, I am ok with that too cause I know that it is not what happens on that day alone, but what happens on a regular basis in the home that counts.

Done for now, I will be back later on maybe. If I am not busy again...


  1. I hate complaining too but like you said sometimes it's necessary and I find that once I am finished complaining I start feeling better. I am not one of those that can keep stuff inside very well!!

    glad that the new job is going well so far and the ball hockey.
    have a great week!!!

    sorry would have commented more but I just looked at the clock and I have to take Em to school like right now and I am in my housecoat!!! hahaaa nice eh!!