Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Ways to waste your time!!

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Thirteen Fun Sites To Waste Your Time On

1. Gabbly . When you put this in front of the web address you can chat with others..It is like MSN, but looks like more fun!!


3. The Really Addictive Sheep Game

4. The Falling Sand Game

5. Acno's Energizer

6. Bubble Popping!!

7. Bug On A Wire

8. Twiddlestix

9. Bad Apples

10. Alphattack

11. Allout

12. Roly Poly

13. Roll On

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  1. ok have to admit

    bug on a wire is my favorite game!!! I thought I was the only one who waisted time playing silly games on the puter????

  2. I have to admit I did not get past the sand game.

    Definately passing that one on to friends, so relaxing.